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Full text of "Alaskan glacier studies of the National Geographic Society in the Yakutat Bay, Prince William Sound and lower Copper River regions"

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Observations by the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society's expedition spent August 17-19, 1909, in studying and photographing Valdez Glacier.1 We made slight additional observations in 1910 and 1911. In 1909 Mr. Lewis made the topographic sketch map reproduced as Fig. 22 and established the bench marks from which transit readings on the ice front were made. These bench marks, for Valdez Glacier, are located as follows.
Transit Readings. Transit readings from Stations A and B, Valdez Glacier, August 19, 1909.
Station A (Fig. 23) is located on the hillside on the west side of the alluvial outwash plain, one-half mile south of the glacier front. It is a stake driven two feet in the ground, just above a bare brownish cliff about 200 feet above the plain.
Point Sighted	Ver. A	Ver. B	Angle from A-B
1. StationB	0 00'	180 00'	
2. Extreme southern point of glacier 8. Ice front about middle of glacier 4. West margin of glacier where ice disappears   from   view   around hill.   Point is  about one mile	349 38' 346 51'	169 38' 166 51'	10 22' 13 09'
north of ice front	301 18'	121 18'	58 42'
Station B is located on the point of a spur east of the outwash gravel plain and about 1200 feet east of the present discharging stream of the glacier. A creek from the high hills to the east, running west, bears north of the station about 600 feet, and a prospector's cabin bears north about 1500 feet. The station is marked by a stake driven in a crack in a bowlder 4 by 6 feet on top.
Point Sighted	Ver. A	Ver. B	Angle from A-B
1. Station A	180 00'	00 00'	
2. Ice front about middle of glacier	195 50'	15 50'	15 50'
(Same as No. 3, Station A)			
3. Point on ice front half way between			
middle and west edge	197 04'	17 04'	17 04'
Camicia Glacier.   The first tributary valley on the east side of Valdez Glacier is occu-i Nat. Geog. Mag., Vol. XX, 1910, pp. 7, 9, 11, and 22.